Challenge Mode

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Stage Maps Area Clear Time Title
Stage 1 Forest 12min Ra-GOU
Stage 2 Caves 47min Gi-GOU
Stage 3 Caves 40min Bu-GOU
Stage 4 Caves 45min Ra-ZAN
Stage 5 Mines 40min Gi-ZAN
Stage 6 Mines 50min Bu-ZAN
Stage 7 Ruins 60min Ra-EI
Stage 8 Ruins 55min Gi-EI
Stage 9 Ruins 70min Bu-EI
Stage Maps Area Clear Time Title
Stage 1 VR Temple 80min
Stage 2 VR Spaceship 80min
Stage 3 Central Control 80min
Stage 4Stage 4 Map Seabed 80min
Stage 5Stage 5 Map Control Tower

Episode 1: Online Rewards Episode 2: Online Rewards
B-rank: 13hrs+ total clear time; God's Shield Byakko B-rank: ? total clear time; Hunter Field / Ranger Field / Force Field
A-rank: <13hrs total clear time; God's Shield Suzaku A-rank: 5hrs+ total clear time; Yellow Ring
S-rank: <7hrs total clear time; Weapon of Choice Below: S-rank: <5hrs total clear time; Weapon of Choice Below:
Saber 150ATP/50ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+250 Bazooka 10ATP/40ATA, Req:180ATA; Grind:+250
Sword 200ATP/35ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+250 Needle 10ATP/40ATA, Req:180ATA; Grind:+70
Blade 10ATP/35ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+200 Scythe 10ATP/40ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+180
Partisan 38ATP/40ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+200 Hammer 150ATP/50ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+250
Twin Saber 50ATP/40ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+250 Moon 10ATP/40ATA/35MST, Req:800MST; Grind:+120
Claw 80ATP/55ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+250 Psychogun 10ATP/20ATA, Req:180ATA; Grind:+50
Slicer 10ATP/35ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+140 Punch 10ATP/40ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+150
Gun 10ATP/45ATA, Req:180ATA; Grind:+200 Windmill 10ATP/40ATA/35MST, Req:800MST; Grind:+120
Mechgun 10ATP/20ATA, Req:180ATA; Grind:+50 Harisen 150ATP/50ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+250
Rifle 10ATP/60ATA, Req:180ATA; Grind:+220 Katana 170ATP/50ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+250
Shot 10ATP/40ATA, Req:180ATA; Grind:+125 J-Cutter 25ATP/35ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+150
Cane 10ATP/40ATA/5EVP, Req:800MST; Grind:+120 Swords 180ATP/45ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+250
Wand 10ATP/40ATA/50MST, Req:800MST; Grind:+100 Launcher 10ATP/40ATA/5EVP, Req:180ATA; Grind:+180
Rod 10ATP/50ATA, Req:800MST; Grind:+180 Cards 10ATP/45ATA, Req:800MST; Grind:+150
Episode 1: Offline Rewards: Knuckle 250ATP/55ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+250
B-rank: 13hrs+ total clear time; God's Shield Genbu Axe 200ATP/50ATA, Req:800ATP; Grind:+250
A-rank: 13hrs+ total clear time; God's Shield Seiryu
S-rank: <7hrs total clear time; Weapon of Choice Below:
Toy Hammer 400ATP/1ATA, Req:412ATP; Sp:Berserk
Samba Maracas 10ATP/10ATA, Req:100ATA; Sp:Havoc
Chameleon Scythe 180ATP/30ATA, Req:412ATP; Sp:Soul
Harisen Battle Fan 280ATP/40ATA, Req:412ATP; Sp:Seize
Crazy Tune 255ATP/30ATA, Req:412ATP; Sp:Havoc
Flower Cane 180ATP/50MST, Req:348MST; Sp:--
Akikko's Wok 250ATP/40ATA, Req:412ATP; Sp:Flame
Broom 230ATP/35ATA/45MST, Req:348MST; Sp:Havoc