Mr. Naka's Business Card

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Mr. Naka's Business Card is an item that allows you to unlock any Special Server Event without paying any additional ticket costs. The Business Card is stored Server side only and is tied to your Guild Card Number. You can view the number of Business Cards you own by checking your personal Server Storage.


Mr. Naka's Business Card is available to purchase from the Schtserv Token Trader in 'THE PHOTON LAB' quest.

?? Schtserv Tokens = 1 Mr. Naka's Business Card

You can only purchase a Mr. Naka's Business Card once every 60 Days


To use a Mr. Naka's Business Card, do the following:

  1. In the Lobby, type /event to open the Special Events window.
  2. Select an Event to view and press 'A' once (No Business Cards are spent at this point)
  3. The menu selections will allow you to pick an amount of tickets to spend based on how many are still needed to unlock the event.
  4. Select how many tickets you wish to spend and press 'A'

You can cancel out of the menu any time prior to executing Step 4 and no tickets will be spent.