Seasonal Collection and Exchange Events

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Schtserv Server exclusive events where players collect special items for several weeks, then exchange those items for prizes after.


  • The game must created in SERVER MODE for the items to drop
  • Each event has two (2) items to collect
  • The ENTIRE PARTY receives credit for the item when it is picked up!
  • Your item count is stored Server side. The physical object does nothing once it has been picked up by a player and may be used or discarded
  • Collection items drop from any enemy. The drop rate improves in each difficulty.
  • The special items have a different box than most other items so that they stand out (see below)
  • The Collection Phase lasts approximately 3-4 weeks
Collection Box.png


  • The quest is available under the 'Event & Shops' category
  • The vendor will display the prizes and the amount needed to exchange (see image below)
  • Selecting 'Bank' takes you to Pioneer 2 so that you can access your Item Bank or the shops
  • Selecting 'Lobby' returns you to the Ship Lobby
  • Any items you do not, or can not, spend will be stored on the Server until the next time that currency is used
  • The Exchange quest is available for approximately 3 months
Exchange Menu.png


Valentine's 2024 Exchange

Collection Phase Dates: February 07 - February 21

Exchange Phase Dates: March 01 - May 31

Announcement details: 2024 Schtserv Valentine's Day Event

Items to Collect


  • Normal: 1/240
  • Hard: 1/190
  • Very Hard: 1/140
  • Ultimate 1/90


  • Normal: 1/350
  • Hard: 1/300
  • Very Hard: 1/250
  • Ultimate 1/200

Exchange Prizes

Chocolate Exchange
Count Rewards
2 Amplifier of Resta
2 Amplifier of Anti
5 1 Bouquet
5 2 Schtserv Tokens
8 Amore Rose with 30% Hit
8 Akiko's Frying Pan with 30% Hit
8 Flower Cane with 30% Hit
8 Marina's Bag with 30% Hit
8 Flower Bouquet (0 Hit)
18 1 Piece of Heart
Bouquet Exchange
Count Rewards
1 3 Chocolates
2 Cure/Confuse
5 White Ring barrier


Event Name Item 1 Item 2 Previous Details
Halloween Event 2023 Cake Candy 2023 Schtserv Halloween Event
Sonic's Birthday Event 2023 Disc Volume 4 Disc Volume 5 2023 Schtserv Summer Event
Valentine's Event 2023 Chocolate Disc Volume 1 2023 Schtserv Valentine's Day Event