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The Schtserv Server offers many exclusive Player-created features, quests, and quality-of-life upgrades for players new and old to experience. Use the links below to learn more about the many options available.


Increased Drop Rates

Drop rates on the server have been minorly adjusted for increased hunt rates:

  • Normal-Very Hard: ~2x better than the original, vanilla rate
  • Ultimate: ~1.25x better than the original, vanilla rate on many, but not all, drops

Server Specific Drop Tables

The drop tables have been adjusted on the Schtserv Server for the Ultimate Difficulty to remove many of the redundant, unexciting drops from all of the Section IDs. In addition, several IDs have had more exciting drops added so that there is less reason to ignore IDs altogether.

In order to use the Server Drop tables, you must select 'SERVER' as your drop type when Creating a Team.

Increased Ultimate Episode 2 Hit% Chance

The chance of receiving an Episode 2 weapons with the Hit% Photon on Ultimate Difficulty has been slightly boosted when playing in 'SERVER' Mode:

  • Yellowboze - 5% Chance
  • All Other IDs - 3% Chance

This is in effect for free play, regular quests, and Special Event quests.


Text commands that can be used on the Server Lobby or In-Game

Command List


Upon Login, the server will offer you patches you wish to have automatically applied at every single login. Currently, this is only available for Xbox. Here's the list of available patches for PSOX:

  • Item Loss Prevention - Prevents the user from losing the unequipped items in their inventory upon a improper quit/crash.
  • Movement Fix - This fixes the poorly implemented movement controls and makes the movement more like Gamecube.
If there is a * before the patch name, this means you have it active.

For Gamecube, there is a quest called Patch Center which offers various patches. Here's the current available list:

  • Item Loss Prevention - Prevents the user from losing the unequipped items in their inventory upon a improper quit/crash.
  • Decoction - This allows the user to use a decoction to reset their materials used. It will reset all of their materials except HP & TP. Decoctions to be purchased in The Photon Lab.
  • Enemy HP Bars - This adds a HP bar to the status window of the targeted monster to display their HP.
  • Hungry Mag - This patch plays a sound whenever your mag is hungry and can be fed.


Schtserv Tokens - Currency that can be used to purchase items, equipment modifications and more

Special Event Ticket: A rare item drop that can be used to unlock Special Server Event quests

Mr. Naka's Business Card: A prestigious item that can fully unlock a Special Server Event costing up to 7 Tickets

The Photon Cube: A mysterious artifact that can unlock powerful photon conversion techniques


Special Server Events - Limited Time events with Special Drop Tables unlocked using Special Event Tickets.

Seasonal Collection and Exchange Events - Gather collectibles for the whole team, then exchange them for prizes.

Holiday Exclusive Events - Quests and rare enemy availability based on the yearly calendar.


Schtserv hosts many new and exclusive online quests. Below are some of the more popular quests, find the full list of offerings here. Whether you are looking for team play, End-Game challenge, story, or new equipment potential, there's a quest for everybody!

  • Memory of the Hero: A special tribute to a member of the PSO community and one of the most ambitious story quests ever created.
  • The Eternal: Based on the dungeon from Phantasy Star 0, players must explore a mysterious tower in search of the powerful Photon Cube.
  • The Photon Lab: A vendor quest loaded with special features, including Enhanced Tekkers and Enemy Part Conversion, Unit Upgrading, Server Storage, and more!!
  • Schtserv Tests (series): The ultimate online challenge: a combination of Standard Play + Challenge Mode, including equipment and item restrictions.
  • Survey Corp (series): Battle through Episode 2 environments against completely random enemy spawns! Race the clock against the truly unknown every run!
  • Ghost Collective (series): Episode 1 Areas with a twist! Enemies step outside their normal environments and the spawns are completely random.
  • Den of the Damned: A dangerous mission to Gal Da Val Island, full of enemies, intense puzzles, and a tight deadline.
  • Mag Farm: A quest which has a full shop that allows you to buy any tool to assist in feeding your mag. Also has an infinitely repeatable Forest, Caves, and Mines section. You can use the shop while in those areas as well by typing shop.


The Government Quests were ported from Blue Burst and slightly altered to better fit GC. (Find them in the Episode I & Episode II sections online!)

  • Like on original BB, the player had to complete them in order to unlock subsequent quests.
  • Special Event Tickets have been added as prizes for completing every Government Quests per Difficulty, per Episode.
    • Ex. Completing the Episode I Government Quests on Normal will get you 1 Special Event Ticket.
      • You can receive a total of 10 Special Event Tickets by completing every Government Quest on every Difficulty (You get 2 for each Episode on Ultimate)
  • The progress for the quests are tied to the Guild Card, so you can switch characters and still keep your progress.
  • The original prizes for completing a "section" are still in tact. You can find them here.


A Schtserv Exclusive achievement!! For the first time ever, up to three full teams (that's 12 players!!) can link together to challenge quests loaded with powered up monsters! Larger experience point gains and tons of prizes await those willing to team up and throw down!

  • R.A.I.D. Mode: Up to 12 players race the against the clock to clear the enemy hordes and win extra prizes!
  • Multi-Team Hide-n-Seek: